The Best Ways to Display Your Seafood Items

The Best Ways to Display Your Seafood Items

Posted on by Brycen

Most people love fresh seafood, but it is something that is often difficult to carry in a store unless it’s located on a coast.

In order to ensure that you are capable of keeping your seafood fresh while putting it on display for your customers, you’ll need to find the best seafood display that you can in order to fulfill your needs.  The following are just a few high-quality seafood displays.

Close-Up Displays

A close-up seafood merchandiser is a good way to allow your customers to get a good look at your seafood items while also keeping them nice and cool so your customers can go home with fresh seafood items.

When looking into a close-up seafood display, it’s usually a good idea to go with a refrigerated one, as these displays are generally smaller and more difficult to fill with ice.

Large, 12-Foot Displays

The larger the merchandiser you choose, the more options you’re going to have.  While a close-up display is generally only about four feet wide, a twelve-foot display will give you plenty of room to showcase a large number of items.

The good thing is that displays this large generally offer the option of refrigeration or ice cooling, which means that you have more choices in the matter.  However, displays this large are also usually stationary, which means you won’t be able to move them if you need to.

Mobile Displays

Being able to move things around your sales floor is important if you’re regularly making changes to your products.  A mobile seafood display will allow you to do this, but it will also typically not include refrigeration.

Any retailer needs to be sure to check their inventory and their layout in order to get the best displays for their stores.